Teacher Appreciation

Show your appreciation to any CPS/CCHS teacher or staff member who has made a positive impact on your child’s education, and show your commitment to all Concord-Carlisle educators who are eager to offer students an extraordinary educational experience.

Just specify the teachers and/or staff members that you’d like to recognize and each will receive a thank you note or email acknowledging your generosity.

Donations to the Concord Education Fund in honor of educators comply with new public education laws that strictly limit gifts to teachers while helping to fund exciting new learning initiatives, programs and curricula that benefit teachers and students alike.

Thank a Teacher:


Select a teacher or staff member you’d like to recognize.*

  • Scroll through the list or press a letter to jump to names beginning with that letter.
  • You may only select one name per note but will be able to add other teachers/notes on subsequent pages.
  • If the staff member you'd like to recognize is not listed, email your note to mail@concordedfund.org

Enter a Personalized Note (not required)

If you plan to enter the same note for multiple staff members, copy the note (Ctrl+C) and you will be able to paste it (Ctrl+V) into another note field on a subsequent page.

Enter the name that you’d like appear on the thank you note*

For example, a parent, family or child name

Press 'Submit' to either thank another teacher or go to the donation page to process your contribution.

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