Concord Education Fund


As stated in our Mission, our grants enhance the experience of education for students and teachers through the creation of new or enhanced curriculum, programs and/or services that are extraordinary and beyond the scope of the annual school budget.

We support new initiatives that might never be funded through local school budgets, such as an Elementary School Outdoor Classroom. And we support initiatives that arguably could and should be funded with tax revenues, but might not in the near term, such as outfitting CCHS with a Sophomore Writing Lab.


All teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists within the Concord Public Schools and the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School may apply. Members of the community may also submit applications with the joint sponsorship of an administrator or teacher within the system.

What can be funded

  • Stipends for curriculum development, as long as it complements but does not replace system funding (is an enhancement not a basic development). Staff stipends should be no more than the maximum rate set by the Concord Public Schools.
  • Training related to implementation of the proposal
  • Equipment, supplies, travel, and so on, if required for implementation of the proposal

What cannot be funded

  • Salaried positions
  • Programs previously funded in the school budget
  • Basic school curriculum development
  • Equipment, supplies, materials, and so on, not related specifically to implementation of the proposal

Evaluation criteria

  • Academic enrichment for students
  • Creative and innovative curriculum ideas
  • Probability of project continuity by school system or other means
  • Number of students and/or teachers benefiting
  • Consistency with curriculum goals of the school system
  • Clearly defined goals, activities and outcomes
  • Fiscally responsible budget
  • Proposal support within subject discipline
  • Evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project results