Concord Education Fund


CPS Pre-K-8: CPS Integrated Preschool Playground Swing Area, PebbleGo and PebbleGo NEXT – An Elementary Research Solution, LAUNCH into the Next Generation Science Standards, Mindfulness Year-Long Certification Training, What’s The Buzz About STEAM? Using Bee-Bots to support Next Generation Science Standards and STEAM, The Alcott School Grade 1 STEAM Enrichment, Engineering 3D Models: Thoreau Makers, Commissioned Works by Tyler S. Grant for CMS Bands

CCHS, 9-12: Building Dashboard System; Music for All National Concert Festival; Biodiversity and Biostatistics Field Study: Quintana Roo, Mexico and Concord, MA; Teaching Sustainability in Ecosystems with Groves; Strong Bodies, Strong Minds


CPS K-8: Concord Integrated Preschool Garden Project, Alcott Art Room iPad Minis, Paperless Conducting, 7th Grade Science Digital Microscopes, Social Thinking Seminars, 3-D Printers for Applied Technology, Orff Instruments for CMS General Music, WeDo STEAM, Junior Great Books Reading Program

CCHS, 9-12: Concord-Carlisle Community Connections; Mindfulness in Education Initiative; Global Citizenship: Microfinancing in World Literature; Shakespeare, Hamlet and Theo Theoharis; Digital Photography


CPS K-8: Classroom iPads for Increasing Student Achievement, Full STEAM Ahead, Skate in School, Creating and Learning Music with Digital Apps, Augmenting Map Skills for Fourth Graders through Cartography and Geocaching, Music and Technology, Digital Microscopes for CMS Environmental Field Studies, Additional Guitars to Improve the CMS Music Curriculum

CCHS, 9-12: Rivers and Revolutions Field Work Year Two, SixSmith Mold Making Course, Lightning Detection System, CCHS Media Wall, Under 20 and Driving: Lives in the Lines, Linear Algebra and Kaleidocycles


CPS K-8: Thoreau Bots, Mars Rover, SAM Animation, SPARK Learning System, Music and the Environment, Activeboards

CCHS, 9-12: Field Work for Rivers and Revolutions, Advanced Topics in Earth Science iPads Pilot, Green Entrepreneurs


CPS K-8: Willard’s Math Trail, Talking Violin Concert, Digital Portfolio, Classroom iPads

CCHS, 9-12: Digital Reference Collection, Digital Initiative, Implementing Moodle Websites to Enhance Student Learning: Phase 2, Electronic Map Wall for CCHS Meteorology and Earth Science, Updating Laptops for the Art Dept Presentation Design & Integration


CMS 6-8: School Garden

CCHS, 9-12: Advisory Program, Environmental Field Studies Group, Moodle (Part 2), Pathways to China, Patriot News


K-12: Building Learning Communities Conference

CPS K-8: Writing Skills Readiness, Integrating Digital Photography and Art, Walk a Mile in Your Shoes, Classroom Math Enrichment Centers, Intergenerational Literary Lunch, Ecuador Touchstone, Moodle Software for Website Development, Poetry of Sculpture

CCHS, 9-12: Focus on Your Footprint, Sophomore Writing Enrichment, Global Literacy Program, Document Cameras for Activboards, Advanced Multimedia Production


CPS K-8: Reluctant Readers Library, Curiosity Carts, Kurzweil 3000 Reading Software, METCO Photo Essays, Percussion Instruments, Foreign Language Technology Integration

CCHS, 9-12: Fitness Center Renovation, Library Makeover, Network Program Enhancements (academic tutoring), Patriot Productions Centralized TV


CPS K-8: ActivVotes and ActivSlates, Assabet River Trail Outdoor Classroom

CCHS, 9-12: Teen Buddy Mentoring Program, Theatre Curriculum, Ghana History and Culture, Icelandic Glacier Expedition, Science and Engineering Tools, Wet Plate Colloidion Photography, Senior Project Funding, Cardio in the Fitness Center, UV Spectrometers, CPR & AED Training


CPS K-8: More ActiveBoards, Musical Keyboard Lab, Teacher’s College Reading/Writing Project

CCHS, 9-12: Science Curriculum, Podcasting Science Lessons, ActivBoards for Foreign Languages, Applied Technology for Art


CPS K-8: Data loggers, Multi-cultural Art, Making Meaning II, SOS Supervisor, ActivBoards, Music Library, Interactive Art, Deepening The Art Experience, Integrating Technology in English and Social Studies

CCHS, 9-12: Canoe Project, Sun King, Project the Future of Science, Auditorium Equipment Enhancement


CPS K-8: Mobile Science Lab, Building Passionate Art Skills, Mimio Capture Bar, Chinese Poet-in-Residence, Integrating Probe Technology, Enhancing Link Between Speech and Writing, Fluency Library, Making Meaning, WeatherNet, Move Over Mozart, Reading Intervention, Math Teacher-in-Residence

CCHS, 9-12: World Literature, Chinese Curriculum, Physics Lab, Video Flexibility, SMARTBoard


CPS K-8: Social Competency, Robotics, Science Discovery Camp, Kindergarten Preparation, Audiobooks, Preventing Reading Difficulties, Music Composition, Math Expert-in-Residence, Authors Festival, Public Speaking

CCHS, 9-12: History Reading Group, Microcomputer Science Lab, Rockwall, Orchestral Performance, Art and Architecture Slide Library, Life Skills Arts Workshops