Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

Concord Integrated Preschool Garden Project

Grant Amount: $2,741.00
School: Concord Integrated Preschool at Ripley

The project will foster and encourage the preschooler’s knowledge of the life cycle of plants through real world experience. The children will learn the fundamentals of planting and good agricultural practices, become aware of the agricultural process as they become “farmers,” and will become aware of the importance of good nutrition.

Alcott Art Room iPad Minis

Grant Amount: $5,819.00
School: Alcott

Students will use iPad Minis to record and share reflections about their art work, using AudioBoo and/or similar Apps.

Paperless Conducting

Grant Amount: $2,400.90
School: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard, & CMS

Limiting or eliminating paper and photocopies for conductors, streamlining note sharing and annotations during rehearsals between conductors and with students, portability, allowing conductors to teach off of the podium rather than be restricted to a music stand at the front of the room.

7th Grade Science Digital Microscopes

Grant Amount: $18,286.00
School: CMS

This grant will purchase microscopes and software that will meet the following Massachusetts Science Content Frameworks for 7th grade: (1) Give examples of ways in which organisms interact and have different functions within an ecosystem that enable the ecosystem to survive, and (2) Classify organisms into the currently recognized kingdoms according to characteristics that they share.

Social Thinking Seminars

Grant Amount: $6,277.00
Schools: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard, & CMS

These seminars, featuring Ms. Nancy Clements M.A. CCC-SLP will ensure teachers and related service providers will learn strategies that they can implement, model, and further promote social thinking skills which will increase student engagement. Additionally, using these strategies may increase peer relationships that are directly related to the district’s mission to educate learners to be caring citizens and participate by being part of a respectful and empathetic community; which are all facets of the social thinking curriculum.

3-D Printers for Applied Technology

Grant Amount: $9,450.00
School: CMS

Introduce the use of 3-D printers in the building design unit, which is conducted in conjunction with the world language department.

Orff Instruments for CMS General Music

Grant Amount: $26,032.08
School: CMS & CCHS

Expand composition and music education techniques using new instruments and the widely respected Orff-Schulwerk teaching methodology.


Grant Amount: $4,507.73
School: Thoreau & Willard

Students will use Lego WeDo Robotics to explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social studies.

Junior Great Books Reading Program

Grant Amount: $2,650.00
School: Willard

Improve student performance in critical thinking skills in reading with students receiving reading comprehension support on IEP’s or RTI (Common Core emphasis).

CCHS: 9-12

Concord-Carlisle Community Connections

Grant Amount: $7,500.00
School: CCHS

This grant request is being made to enable activities designed to support student growth in the program, provide improved ease of student access and signup, and to achieve sustainability over a longer term.

Mindfulness in Education Initiative

Grant Amount: $18,917.00
School: CCHS

This proposal requests funding for a district-wide Social Emotional Learning initiative to bring Mindfulness in Education programs, curriculum and training to teachers and students.

Global Citizenship: Microfinancing in World Literature

Grant Amount: $10,000.00
School: CCHS

Provide the opportunity for each student to manage, depending on enrollment, at least $100 of loan money to entrepreneurs/an entrepreneur around the globe with the following learning
objectives in mind: (1) Understand the complex relationship between local and global issues, their institutions and solutions; (2) Recognize and articulate a wide range of local and global perspectives; and (3) Act in a way that reveals consideration of others.

Shakespeare, Hamlet and Theo Theoharis

Grant Amount: $1,600.00
School: CCHS

To broaden knowledge of Hamlet and the teaching of the play to seniors.

Digital Photography

Grant Amount: $32,961.82
School: CCHS

This grant would enable us to create a new class in the Art and Applied Technology curriculum that teaches digital photography. Students who take the class will produce digital photography portfolios, or portfolios that combine digital and traditional (film-based) photography.