Concord Education Fund


CPS: Pre-K-8

CPS Integrated Preschool Playground Swing Area

Grant Amount: $16,600.00
School: Concord Integrated Preschool at Ripley

This grant supported the building of a new swing set in front of the Ripley Building. The swing set will provide a safer, more accessible play space for children from the Integrated Preschool, as well as Concord Children’s Center, as well as other neighborhood children.

PebbleGo and PebbleGo NEXT – An Elementary Research Solution

Grant Amount: $1,390.00
School: Willard

This grant provided Willard teachers with access to four PebbleGo databases (Animals, Earth and Space, Biographies, and Social Studies) for students to access during library time. The databases will provide students with grade appropriate resources that support the development of inquiry-based skills.

LAUNCH into the Next Generation Science Standards

Grant Amount: $17,500.00
School: Alcott, Thoreau, & Willard

This grant will provide elementary teachers with training and resources to teach STEM. The grant will use a curriculum developed by Project Lead the Way, a well-known and highly praised program that focuses on how children learn, rather than just on what they learn.

Mindfulness Year-Long Certification Training

Grant Amount: $4,835.00
School: Thoreau

This grant will support one teacher to be trained in a year-long certification course centered on mindfulness. The district will support two additional teachers for this training program. Teachers will learn about professional mindfulness practice, as well as how to facilitate mindfulness with children in a variety of contexts.

What’s The Buzz About STEAM? Using Bee-Bots to support Next Generation Science Standards and STEAM

Grant Amount: $2,486.15
Schools: Thoreau

This grant will support the use of Bee-Bots to develop critical thinking and STEM skills among kindergarten students.

The Alcott School Grade 1 STEAM Enrichment

Grant Amount: $8,085.00
School: Alcott

This grant will support additional instruction in literacy and mathematics to first grade students designated as high needs during each early release Tuesday. The grant will also provide STEAM enrichment to these students throughout the year.

Engineering 3D Models: Thoreau Makers

Grant Amount: $3,200.00
School: Thoreau

This grant will support the development of a Maker Space at Thoreau School, where students will be able to explore hands-on activities involving design, geometry, and engineering using a 3D printer.

Commissioned Works by Tyler S. Grant for CMS Bands

Grant Amount: $8,440.00
School: CMS

This grant will enable CMS to commission composer Tyler S. Grant to create two grade level appropriate pieces of music for CMS that will have historical significance directly related to Concord, MA. This will include two pieces of music, one for each concert band at CMS.

CCHS: 9-12

Building Dashboard System

Grant Amount: $21,700.00
School: CCHS

This grant will install a building dashboard to promote green features and design elements of the new high school; educate teachers, administrators, students, and visitors in resource consumptio; enable energy reduction competitions; and integrate the building information and dashboard system into the classroom, which will have direct application by the earth science and engineering classes.

Music for All National Concert Festival

Grant Amount: $15,000.00
School: CCHS

This grant partially supported the CCHS Concert Band’s performance as a “Featured Band” at the Music for All National Concert Festival held in Indianapolis, March 2015. The group was one of 16 chosen from across the country and just the 3rd from New England in the event’s 25-year history.

Biodiversity and Biostatistics Field Study: Quintana Roo, Mexico and Concord, MA

Grant Amount: $5,380.00
School: CCHS, Alcott, Thoreau, & Willard

This grant will support two teachers in collecting biodiversity data in Mexico that will be used to teach biodiversity and statistics at CCHS. The project will also support a collaboration with Dr. Dan Bisaccio, one of the country’s premiere science educators.

Teaching Sustainability in Ecosystems with Groves

Grant Amount: $9,500.00
School: CCHS

This grant will support the integration of an ecosystem lab in the biology classroom to teach sustainability by raising fish, turtles, and other aquatic life as well as plants, such as leafy greens and tomatoes. The groves system will be integrated into the science curriculum at CCHS.

Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

Grant Amount: $25,000.00
School: CCHS

This grant will support the Strong Bodies – Strong Minds project at CCHS, which aims to inspire student wellness and academic achievement through the promotion of physical fitness, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyles. The grant will support wellness programming in addition to the completion of a fitness trail.