Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

CPS Social Competency Program

Grant Amount $8,350
Project Leaders Kathy Bowen, K – 12 Health Coordinator Ellen Waters, Thoreau School Social Worker

How do we create a nurturing, supportive and positive school environment (and, by extension, a town with these characteristics)? This grant is designed to teach children, K-8, the social and emotional skills that support these goals. It continues a program funded by CEF last year at Thoreau, training an additional 17 teachers, specialists and two principals at Alcott and Willard in the Open Circle Program.

Technology and Engineering Education Through Robotics

Grant Amount $4,134
Project Leader Robert Fardy, K – 5 Science Curriculum Specialist

Few subjects cry out for hands-on learning more than Technology and Engineering, a curriculum strand that has been under development in grades K-5. This program uses a fifth grader’s natural curiosity to develop inquiry, learning, and problem-solving skills. Integrating the proven RoboAdventure System with the existing school curriculum, it ties together science, mathematics and technology. The program will begin at Thoreau and eventually include all three elementary schools.

Summer Science – Discovery Camp

Grant Amount $4,685
Project Leader Court Booth, CC Community Education Director

There are many terrific summer science camps throughout the country, in which pre-high school kids develop an appreciation of science through innovative and entertaining activities and projects. This grant will help develop a summer science camp based around the specific needs of the Concord-Carlisle community, using the resources unique to our towns. The plan is to work with existing science camps this summer, with a goal of having our own camp ready to go in 2004.

Community Enhancement of Kindergarten Preparation

Grant Amount $6,200
Project Leaders Donna Balmuth, Occupational Therapist, Dorothy Amorosino, Speech and Language Pathologist

Surprisingly to some, there are a number of specific skills and behaviors that youngsters need to make kindergarten a successful experience for the entire class. This grant supports the implementation of 3 workshops for both Pre-K parents and Preschool teachers designed to help children learn these skills.

Audiobooks in the Classroom

Grant Amount $4,000
Project Leader Karen Pettyjohn, Thoreau School Librarian

Different children learn differently. Current educational research demonstrates that many children learn best by hearing information. This program is designed to help those children improve their reading skills, by allowing them to pre-read, read along with and re-read content material at their own pace. The materials purchased with this grant will be used in grades 2-4 to improve fluency, decoding and comprehension as part of a balanced reading program.

Primary Grade Teachers Tools for Preventing Reading Difficulties

Grant Amount $4,990
Project Leader Anne Mullen, Thoreau School Reading Specialist

The most effective way to treat reading problems is to prevent them in the first place. This follow-up grant will provide additional training for primary grade teachers at all three elementary schools, enabling them to further stimulate and develop reading skills across grade levels. It is designed to complement Concord’s already exceptional reading program.

Willard Composition Project

Grant Amount $1,200
Project Leader Charlyn Bethell, Willard School Music Teacher

Music is a highly creative enterprise – now here’s an opportunity for 5th graders to be part of the process! A professional composer will incorporate student language (as part of the poetry curriculum) into a one movement musical work to be performed by the 5th grade chorus. The composer will lead preparation for the performance, which be also be videotaped.

Willard Mathematics Expert-in-Residence

Grant Amount $11,500
Project Leader Christine Francis, CPS Math Curriculum Specialist

Unique approaches, greater depth, and more excitement – an expert-in-residence program is ideal for a subject like math. This grant will fund a specialist for 15 weeks to supplement a core strand in the math curriculum, measurement. The expert will work with both students and staff to enrich the math experience in kindergarten through grade 5.

Willard School Authors Festival

Grant Amount $3,895
Project Leader Robin Cicchetti, Willard School Librarian

“When I grow up, I want to be a writer.” Nothing inspires a child’s imagination and ambition than meeting a beloved, age-appropriate author and/or illustrator. This grant will fund the visits of three authors to provide hands-on experience in creative story telling, including workshops that will illuminate the creative process.

English Language Arts Program for Performance Enhancement

Grant Amount $8,103
Project Leader Sarah Oelkers, Grade 8 English Teacher, Sanborn School

Exposure to public speaking and presentation builds life-long skills and self-esteem, especially in the challenging years of middle school. This grant will fund equipment to allow students to create hands-on, multi-media experiences to enhance their public speaking capabilities. Teacher training will also be provided.
CCHS: 8-12

History Reading Group

Grant Amount $560
Project Leader Ethan Hoblitzelle, Social Studies Teacher

One of the best ways to bring history to life is to read and discuss engaging works that show how people lived in other times. This grant will fund an existing after-school program for all interested students, by purchasing books chosen to enhance the knowledge gained in English and Social Studies coursework.

Microcomputer Based Biology and Earth Science Laboratory

Grant Amount $10,966
Project Leaders Ray Pavlik and Matthew Brady, Science Teachers

Perhaps the best way to truly comprehend complex scientific concepts is to experience them first-hand through experimentation. Some experiments that are impractical to conduct in high school labs can be easily brought to life using microcomputers. This grant will fund lab stations for use in Earth Science and Biology at all levels.

CCHS Rockwall

Grant Amount $7,000
Project Leader Lauren Giunta, Math Teacher and Outing Club Director

So much attention has been focused on the physical conditioning (or lack thereof) of young people in the United States. This grant will fund the equipment needed to engage in a challenging, fun, non-competitive physical activity that athletes and non-athletes can enjoy. Rock climbing is a lifetime sport that builds strength, conditioning and coordination. The rock wall that will be built in the CCHS gym will be open to all members of the Concord-Carlisle community.

Orchestral Performance Enhancement Workshops

Grant Amount $1,920
Project Leader Andrei Sobchenko, Colonial Youth Symphony Director

With a vibrant and active high school orchestra, CCHS offers students a classical music outlet. This grant will fund conservatory-trained master instructors to work with students on a section-by-section basis to enhance technical performance skills.

Visual Arts and Architecture Slide Library

Grant Amount $2,851
Project Leader Joseph Pickman, Art Teacher

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words; certainly that’s true when it comes to teaching art. This grant will fund the acquisition of a library of art slides for CCHS, featuring the greatest works of art, sculpture and architecture. It will enhance visual literacy throughout the art curriculum, allowing students to observe, understand, even emulate the techniques and technical skills of the great artists of the world.

Life Skills Based Performing Arts Workshops

Grant Amount $5,000
Project Leader Chuck Brown, Drama and Choral Director

All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare, and anyone who’s ever been nervous on a job interview or giving a presentation knows what he meant. This grant continues a successful program at CCHS that brings performing arts skills to real life situations. The skills are also directly useful for the 450 CCHS students actively involved in performing arts. Using a workshop format, it gives students hands-on, real-life opportunities to explore their artistic sides (regardless of talent or ability), while enhancing important life skills.