Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

Reluctant Readers Library

Grant Amount: $5,000
School:  Willard

This grant will create a library of high interest appropriately leveled books for struggling and reluctant readers.  The books chosen would include topics that grab the interest of upper elementary school readers in order to foster their love of reading.  This library would be used in small group instruction, literature circles and independent pleasure reading.

Curiosity Carts

Grant Amount: $6,000
School: All Elementary Schools – Grade 4

The Concord Public Schools has agreed to split the cost of this grant (originally $12,000) with the Concord Ed Fund. One cart will be given to each elementary school.  These mobile carts will become an integral part of the fourth grade, hands-on Ecosystem unit.  Each cart contains resources about the natural history of the local environment.  Each activity in the cart contains background information, visual aides, activities and hands-on artifacts.  Examples of artifacts include skulls, feathers, footprints and tree “cookies” to name a few.

Kurzweil 3000 Software Program

Grant Amount: $6,500
School: Willard

The Concord Public Schools has agreed to split the cost of this grant (originally $13,000)   with the Concord Ed Fund. The Kurzweil 3000 is a comprehensive reading software for struggling readers and students with learning difficulties in grades 1-5.  This program uses a computer to read out loud a scanned text, giving all students equal access to curriculum. Its ability to read text aloud while highlighting individual words on screen enables students to access text and information that was previously unavailable to them.

Photo Essays

Grant Amount: $2,370
School: Alcott

This grant will provide the Metco students in the fourth and fifth grades to share their families, homes and neighborhoods through photo essay books.  10-15 Metco students will bring digital cameras home with them, document their lives, and put the books together at Alcott with their Concord buddies during the after school workshops.  The books will be used in the Art Room, classrooms and school library.

Percussion Instruments for CPS

Grant Amount: $3,907
School: CMS

This grant will fund the purchase of a package of drums and smaller percussion instruments for use in general music classes and performances.

Technology Integration for Eighth Grade World Language Classrooms

Grant Amount: $28,492
School: CMS

This grant will give students the opportunity to improve their ability to speak, read and write world languages by providing them with access to software and hardware on a daily basis in their own classrooms. The CEF will provide 24 MacBooks (1 cart for each building) to the eighth grade world language teachers.

CCHS: 9-12

Fitness Center Renovation

Grant Amount: $2,000
School: CCHS

This grant will help fund the renovation of the CCHS fitness center.  The room will be reconfigured to utilize the space in a more efficient manner.

Library Makeover

Grant Amount: $1,866.92
School: CCHS

This grant for the CCHS library makeover represents one of the first steps of an overall Five Year Plan in working toward a total transformation.  The physical space will be energized to provide the students with appropriate options to come and unwind.

Network Program Enhancements

Grant Amount: $3,200
School: CCHS

This grant will provide additional academic (tutoring) support for a group of students identified in 8th grade as needing intensive academic support to succeed in the 9th grade.  Students in the program will access a regular education curriculum along with other incoming Freshmen, but as Network students, they will have additional structures of support.

Patriot Productions Centralized TV/Video

Grant Amount: $3,000
School: CCHS

The funding of this grant will allow the purchase of a 50”+ television for mounting in the school cafeteria.  This will increase the students’ access to information, thereby building a stronger sense of community.