Concord Education Fund


Across Districts: K-12

21st Century/Building Learning Communities Conference

Grant Amount: $5,360

Sending a team of administrators and and specialists to the Building Learning Communities conference who then will collaborate on implementation ideas across K-12 to benefit students and staff districtwide.


CPS: K-8

Writing Skill Readiness

Grant Amount: $950
School: All Elementary Schools – Grades K-2

Producing a classroom friendly instructional DVD to teach and improve K-2 student’s writing readiness awareness and skills.

Integrating Digital Photography and Art

Grant Amount: $2,202
School: Alcott

Expanding the 2008 CEF Grant “Photo Essays” to purchase equipment for full class use in Integrated Arts, Technology and Language Arts projects.

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Grant Amount: $10,000
School: Thoreau

Funding a joint effort between Elementary teachers and High School students to research global cultures represented by Thoreau families in and producing curriculum, including multi-media presentations, for delivery to Thoreau students at multiple levels.

Classroom Math Enrichment Centers

Grant Amount: $2,368
School: Willard

Creating math enrichment centers to provide quality differentiated instruction and to ensure math opportunities and challenges for students who need it.

Intergenerational Literary Lunch

Grant Amount: $1,500
School: CMS

Purchasing books for a parent-student Literary Lunch Book Group at CMS.

Ecuador Touchstone

Grant Amount: $5,110
School: CMS

Sending an Art teacher to Ecuador to study historical sites, experience Ecuador’s geography, art and architecture and to teach Ecuadorian elementary and middle school children. The insights from the trip will be incorporated into 6th grade World Language and Social Studies curriculum.

Moodle Software for Website Developement

Grant Amount: $11,750
School: CMS

Training a team of teachers in the Moodle Course Management System, who will then develop a template for teachers to use in developing interactive, online learning environments.

Poetry of Sculpture

Grant Amount: $1,800
School: CMS

Funding development of an interdisciplinary poetry and sculture unit for 7th grade students.

CCHS: 9-12

Focus on Your Footprint

Grant Amount: $7,075
School: CCHS

Purchasing curricular materials and measurement equipment for Earth Science students to perform a home energy analysis as a quarterly project.

Sophomore Writing Enrichment

Grant Amount: $29,831
School: CCHS

Installing a permanent technology cart in a classroom designated to the writing intensive Sophomore year to ensure that students advance through high school with a command of the writing skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

Global Literacy Program

Grant Amount: $2,500
School: CCHS

Funding a consultant to facilitate the development of a Global Literacy Program at CCHS.

Document Cameras for Activboards

Grant Amount: $3,392
School: CCHS

Purchasing two document cameras to connect to the ActivBoards in math and foreign language classrooms.

Advanced Multimedia Production

Grant Amount: $26,000
School: CCHS

Purchasing video, digital and audio production equipment to support student learning in media production in curricular and co-curricular activities. Students will produce television-ready broadcasts for curriculum related projects and/or classroom use.