Concord Education Fund


CMS: 6-8

School Garden

Grant Amount: $6,275
School: Concord Middle School

Research, design, and build a school garden space as an ongoing resource for curriculum use and community building.


CCHS: 9-12

Advisory Program

Grant Amount: $5,080
School: CCHS

Develop an advisory program at Concord-Carlisle High School which will enhance the relationships that students create at CCHS. Through this advising program, students will become more connected with other students, faculty, and administration. This grant will provide a stipend for the development of this advisory program along with the piloting of the ideas during the spring of the 2009-2010 school year.

Environmental Field Studies Group

Grant Amount: $6,886
School: CCHS

The Environmental Field Studies Group is a new club at CCHS that takes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental science and local history. Students in Biology classes will be able to participate directly in the Blanding’s Turtle monitoring and care being carried out in each Biology classroom. This proposal request funds that are essential for our ongoing research.

Moodle, Part 2

Grant Amount: $24,500
School: CCHS

A follow up grant to Using Moodle to Develop Interactive Websites to Enhance Student Learning from 2009. This grant will provide funding for the same team of teachers to create a Moodle to train teachers on Moodle software and its use in developing and running an online learning community as an extension of their classroom.

Pathways to China

Grant Amount: $5,000
School: CCHS

Pathways to China is a study and travel program that is administered through the Burlington Public Schools. This program brings together students and teachers from eight other Massachusetts High Schools and offers students an opportunity to study topics related to Chinese society, history and life. Students who complete the course work have the opportunity to extend their classroom experience to a two-week study/travel experience to the Peoples’ Republic of China. Teachers from the partner schools teach the courses and chaperone the trip. Two CCHS teachers can participate along with up to 20 students.

Patriot News

Grant Amount: $29,850
School: CCHS

Purchase of software and hardware that will facilitate the development of a student-produced, school-based television news and weather service. Previous CEF grants enabled the purchase of a 52-inch flatscreen TV for the school cafeteria, and the hardware and software necessary to building a school-based film and television production program. Andrew Sapp (high school teacher) and Charles Paige (CCTV Executive Director) have begun an indepent-study program to build a cadre of students well-versed in the details of film and TV production. The next step is to begin producing a weekly CCHS “Patriot News” program, that will eventually grow into a daily newscast, which the EZNews software and associated hardware will enable to happen.