Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

Willard’s Math Trail

Grant Amount: $6,551
School: Willard

A series of stations that allow students to explore mathematical concepts in exciting and uncommon ways.

The Talking Violin Concert

Grant Amount: $2,070
School: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard

A distinguished clinician violinist will do a three hour workshop for students and a seventy minute concert for the public.

Digital Portfolio

Grant Amount: $3,780
School: Alcott

The goal is to develop and implement Digital Portfolios into the 5th grade classrooms at Alcott.

Classroom iPads

Grant Amount: $14,200
School: Alcott

Goal is to increase student engagement through the use of 21st Century technologies. $14,200.00


CCHS: 9-12

Digital Reference Collection

Grant Amount: $12,149
School: CCHS

The goal is to develop a new, digital reference collection to better support students and staff in the way they work, with the highest quality of reliable, accurate and scholarly sources available.

Digital Initiative

Grant Amount: $10,750
School: CCHS

Understanding how teaching and learning are affected by digital technologies and effective planning for changes in teaching and curriculum development is the goal of this grant.

Implementing Moodle Websites to Enhance Student Learning: Phase 2

Grant Amount: $20,000
School: CCHS

This grant will allow 20 new teachers to develop and run a moodle course during the school year.

Biodiesel Production @CCHS

Grant Amount: $17,729
School: CCHS

The goal of this project is to process waste vegetable oil collected from local businesses to produce biodiesel fuel on the CCHS campus.

Electronic Map Wall for CCHS Meteorology and Earth Science

Grant Amount: $24,018
School: CCHS

Construct an electronic wall map that will allow for continuous display of weather maps, radar, satellite images, SchoolWeatherNet data, School Roof Camera and for more instructional and forecasting purposes.

CCHS Interdisciplinary Course

Grant Amount: $15,000
School: CCHS

The implementation of a pair of after-school interdisciplinary courses for CCHS students.

Updating Laptops for the Art Dept Presentation Design & Integration

Grant Amount: $6,551
School: CCHS

Updating the current laptops to better utilize current applications. $9,492.00