Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

Thoreau Bots

Grant Amount: $5,293
School: Thoreau

This program would extend the First Robotics League competition to fourth and fifth graders at Thoreau School. By beginning a team in elementary school, students would be exposed to robotics competition that is currently done at both CMS and CCHS.

Mars Rover

Grant Amount: $1,080
School: Thoreau

The “Mars Rover” project is an education outreach project funded by NASA and designed and run by Space Physics faculty at the University of Houston.

SAM Animation

Grant Amount: $4,106
School: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard

SAM Animation (Stop Action Movie making software) is a user-friendly software application specifically designed for students and teachers for classroom use. Using SAM Animation, students create simple frame-by-frame animations of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts.

SPARK Learning System, Data Collection and Analysis

Grant Amount: $7,467
School: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard

SPARK Science Learning System is an all-in-one mobile device that easily integrates inquiry-based content with data collection, analysis and assessment.

Music and the Environment

Grant Amount: $1,500
School: CMS

The grant would fund a bird expert to train staff and students to recognize local birds and their bird songs.


Grant Amount: $8,677
School: Willard

Two non-mobile units will be placed strategically in the school (one on the main level and one on the upper level) to provide more opportunites for students and teachers to use this technology.


CCHS: 9-12

Field Work for Rivers and Revolutions

Grant Amount: $23,370
School: CCHS

The funds will be used to support the field portion of Rivers and Revolutions, including transportation, admission fees, and speaker stipends.

Advanced Topics in Earth Science iPads Pilot

Grant Amount: $16,354
School: CCHS

These iPads will be utilized in each of the advanced earth science courses at CCHS (Geology, Meteorlogy and Environmental Science).

Green Entrepreneurs

Grant Amount: $10,000
School: CCHS

The goal is to provide CCHS students with a seminar that integrates science, history, economics, and contemporary issues. It would take place outside of school hours and will meet for approximately 30 hours (over the course of 10-15 weeks).