Concord Education Fund


CPS: K-8

Classroom iPads for Increasing Student Achievement

Grant Amount: $25,121.30
School: Alcott

This project will outfit the students with iPads and help the school obtain educational software applications so that the Alcott kindergarten teachers may use iPads to increase student achievement.

Full STEAM Ahead

Grant Amount: $26,668.00
School: Thoreau

Full STEAM Ahead allows for teachers to devise a more interdisciplinary, project-based approach to teaching science by integrating a science curriculum area with technology, engineering, math, and media arts to create an inquiry-based unit with real world applications that focuses on design and problem-solving.

Skate in School

Grant Amount: $6,446.00
School: Willard

This program will help to increase each student’s cardiovascular endurance, balance and strength.

Creating and Learning Music with Digital Apps

Grant Amount: $7,312.00
School: Willard

This grant will embrace the basics of 21st century education: collaboration, communication, and interaction. It will promote “discovery learning” as it furthers the nine standards for Music Education: singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing, listening-moving-critical response, reading and notating, evaluating performances, comparing music with other art forms, and learning about music in the context of history and culture.

Augmenting Map Skills for Fourth Graders through Cartography and Geocaching

Grant Amount: $2,696.93
School: Willard

This grant will fund two programs for the fourth grade map skills curriculum: hand-held GPS receivers for geocaching, an authentic application of longitude and latitude, and Map Making Workshops with cartographer, Susan Pietrantoni.

Music and Technology

Grant Amount: $12,780.00
Schools: Alcott, Thoreau, Willard, CMS

SmartMusic at Home and in the Music Room: SmartMusic is interactive music software that enhances classroom curriculum, engages student learning, encourages integration of music and technology, gives students ownership over their musical growth, and provides valuable individual feedback during at-home practice.

Digital Microscopes for CMS Environmental Field Studies

Grant Amount: $15,000.00
School: CMS

This proposal is for 14 digital microscopes and 14 MacBooks to use in the 7th grade science classes as they continue to develop and implement the CMS Environmental Field Studies Program.

Additional Guitars to Improve the CMS Music Curriculum

Grant Amount: $9,959.84
School: CMS

This grant will fund guitars, cases, mobile guitar racks, strings and picks. Adding to the school’s guitars will give each building 30 guitars at all times.


CCHS: 9-12

Rivers and Revolutions Field Work Year Two

Grant Amount: $21,490.00
School: CCHS

The funds will be used to support the field portion of year two of Rivers and Revolutions, including transportation, admission fees, and speaker stipends.

Lightning Detection System

Grant Amount: $13,000.00
School: CCHS

Will serve both the academic and athletic community at CCHS by supplementing the curriculum in meteorology classes, earth science classes, and Concord-Carlisle Weather Services. In addition, all outdoor athletes at CCHS will benefit from the LDS as it will be connected to all coaches on the fields around CCHS.

CCHS Media Wall

Grant Amount: $50,000.00
School: CCHS

Creates a 21st century video communications environment in the new CCHS building. It will provide a venue for showcasing student work, broadcasting school and community-related announcements, relevant content from CCTV, and other material as appropriate.

Linear Algebra and Kaleidocycles

Grant Amount: $4,850.00
School: CCHS

In addition to treating abstract algebraic methods, this seminar-style course will treat ideas of the construction and representation of objects in three- and higher-dimensional spaces. spaces. This will include “playing” with a set of manipulatives (Zome-tools™, Tensegritoys™, and Geofix™ tools and solids students will build using manila folders.