2019 Grant Awards

May 15, 2019, Concord, MA — The Concord Education Fund, (CEF), an independent organization committed to empowering teachers and administrators at Concord Public Schools (CPS) and Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) has announced its 2019 grant recipients.

For the past 25 years, the Concord Education Fund has awarded grant requests covering a range of innovative programs designed to enrich student education in a variety of academic areas and at every grade level.

One of the earliest awards equipped Concord schools with direct access to the world wide web, a standard now that was state-of-the-art in 1995. Other early projects included Activboard technology, funding to restart the CCHS WIQH radio station, and support for a then-new interdisciplinary high school program called Rivers & Revolution – all now well-established features in our schools.

Here are some highlights from the 2019 Concord Education Fund awards:

  • Pre-School Music Therapy Program that follows autistic protocols to better engage and enhance the well-being of any type of child, and forward development in a range of areas to encourage language, communication and socio-emotional skills.
  • Environmentally Sound, Re-Usable Art Bags to transport student artwork to and from school safely and encourage parent-child reflection and conversation.
  • Comprehensive IXL Learning Technology, a captivating, computer-based learning program that provides individualized, supplemental instruction in English Language Arts and Mathematics for elementary-aged special education students.
  • Sensory Path Hallway to create a sensory pathway space in the school hallway for all children in need of a sensory break from the classroom.
  • Executive Functioning Workshops that provide teachers and parents with helpful strategies for kids dealing with executive functioning issues.
  • CMS Outdoor Classroom to create an enriching learning space that can easily shift between team and individual work areas, provide a forum for outdoor scientific data collection, become an alternative location for the exploration of the arts, and above all, promote collaboration, reflection and mindful learning.
  • Student News Lab, a new middle school journalism class that allows students to participate in an important form of civic engagement through inquiry, media production, and student-centered learning.
  • Flexible Seating options and configurations that support the transformation of CMS classroom space to suit the individual needs of students, and allow for more collaboration, choice and flexibility.
  • Easy-to-Move Pedal Desks so kinesthetic learners at CMS can literally pedal their way into greater focus and academic engagement.
  • New Weather Tools & Equipment so CCHS Earth Science, Meteorology and Weather Club students can collaborate with CMS students in the construction and running of ground-based and backyard weather stations for a new middle school weather unit.
  • Inflatable Planetarium projectors and presentation software that brings the Boston Museum of Science to the students of Concord, illuminating the night sky to teach earth and space science at all grade levels and all schools.
  • Anatomy in Clay Learning System, an immersive learning experience whereby students use clay to create models of human muscular, circulatory, urinary, digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems, thereby learning about the structure of the human body from the inside out.
  • Challenge Success Team Training & Community Read to provide professional development, parent and student presentations, and materials for a one-book community read to hep alleviate the stress associated with the college application process.

CEF co-president Richard Perkins expressed his gratitude to the Concord Carlisle community, “We’re very grateful for the donations we receive from families and businesses that allow us to fund so many interesting and diverse grants over the past 25 years. By supporting the Ed Fund, I think our donors know that they are supporting the incredible commitment and creativity of our teachers.

Fellow co-president Rick Hedeman added, “It’s always rewarding to help teachers realize their visions. We encourage all CPS and CCHS educators to learn more about the Ed Fund’s grant criteria and work with us to transform great ideas into reality.”


About Concord Education Fund (CEF)

Since its inception in 1994, CEF has raised and distributed more than $2 million to the Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional High School. CEF has funded a variety of educational technologies and related programs that have initially fallen beyond the scope of the public-school budget but have later been adopted by the school district. CEF-funded curricula, programs and initiatives, spanning all academic disciplines and levels, continue to offer students an extraordinary educational experience. For more information please visit www.concordedfund.org.