Grant History

See the projects that have inspired our children.


Responsive Learning Training for All Elementary School Faculty, Orchestrating Kids Through the Classics, African American History Program Resources, Robotics: VEX EXP Robots for HS & CMS, Robotic Rovers Graphic Calculator Pilot, Audio Visual 360-Degree Streaming & Recording Equipment for CCHS Auditorium, Indoor/Outdoor Sensorimotor Decals and Materials, English Symposia w/Author Valeria Luiselli,  CMS School Opening Ceremony Music Piece Composition Sponsorship, Grief Education Resource Program, Diverse Decodable Reading Resources for All Elementary Schools, Robyn Ochs DEI Student and Parent Discussion. 


IDEAS 9th Grade Peer Training Program for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, CMS Ice Rink Installation, Alcott Graphic Novels for Reluctant/Developing Readers, Purposeful Pathways/Kodaly Today Music Curriculum Alignment for all Elementary Schools, Middle School Outdoor Lunch Program, The Week Jr. Magazine Pilot Program, Fieldwork Toolkits-Rivers and Revolutions Program, STEM/FACS Middle School Growing Racks for Healthy and Sustainable Foods, Middle School Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports Program (PBIS), Willard Garden Bed Expansion, Middle School STE Department-STEAM Equipment.


Bike Racks and Repair Stations at all District Schools, Story Walk at Thoreau, HS Chorus Video Grant, CMS Flexible Seating Pilot, Challenge Success District-Wide Funding, Richard Blanco Literary Seminars, Diversity Enfusion of Library Materials, Laser Fabricator for Robotics/Engineering, El Nuevo Houdini World Language Materials, 9th Grade Academy Social Skills Enhancement Program, Picture a Scientist Career Materials.


Re-Usable Art Bags. Anatomy in Clay Learning System. CMS Outdoor Classroom. Executive Functioning at Thoreau. Flexible Seating in CMS. Inflatable planetarium for Earth and Space Science Curriculum. IXL Learning. Measuring Weather Across Concord and Across Grades. Pedal Desks. Preschool Music Therapy. Sensory Path Hallway. CMS Student News Lab. The Ukulele & AP Research. Think Give. Using the Arts in the Classroom for Social & Emotional Learning. Challenge Success Team Training & Community Read.


System-Wide Mindfulness Initiative. Final Outfitting of STEAM Innovation Lab. Support for ‘Revolutionary’ Materials to Integrate ELA and Social Studies. iPAD Stands for Elementary Stop-Motion Animation. Professional Development in Social Thinking. Middle School Chess. CMS Stop Motion Animation Kits. Tools for Coding Physical Components with Scratch. Cuban-American AP Spanish Speaker. Raising Threatened Marbled Salamanders. ZESTFEST. Poetry Workshop & Symposium. Professional Development in Diversity & Cultural Competency. Support for CCHS Q5


2017 SHAPE Convention. CCHS Startup Experience (II). STEM Weather Balloon (II). Peers as Leaders (PAL). Sewing Machines. Mobility Seating. Abolitionists of Concord Trunk. Multi-Lingual Magic of Brice Kapel. 3D Printers for STEAM Classes. Masks & Acting. Challenge Success. Marbled Salamanders. Harmony Director System. Virtual Reality System. 3D Ceramics Printer. STEAM Innovation Lab.


Social Thinking & Zones of Regulation Concepts. Thermal Imaging Tools. African Americans in Concord. Peabody Songwriting Workstations. Drum Circle Expansion. Audiobooks and Interactive eBooks. Mindfulness in the Middle School. Technology to Support Chinese Characters. A Search for Justice. Museum of Science Engineering Challenge Kits. Advanced Filmmaking. Percussion Ensemble. CCHS Startup Experience (I). STEM Weather Balloon Project (I). Challenge Success. Life in the Balance Film Series. Twice Told Tales.


CCHS Dashboard. Music for All National Concert Festival. CPS Swing Area. PebbleGo and PebbleGo NEXT. LAUNCH into the Next Generation. Mindfulness Training. Biodiversity and Biostatistics Field Study. CMS Commissioned Works by Tyler S. Grant. Teaching Sustainability in Ecosystems. Bee-Bots. Strong Bodies, Strong Minds. STEAM Enrichment. Thoreau Makers.


CC Community Connections. Mindfulness in Education Initiative. Global Citizenship. Shakespeare, Hamlet and Theo Theoharis. Digital Photography. Concord Integrated Preschool Garden. Art Room iPad Mini. Paperless Conducting. Digital Microscopes. Social Thinking Seminars. 3-D Printers for Applied Technology. Orff Instruments. WeDo STEAM. Junior Great Books Reading Program.


Digital Music Making. Classroom iPads for Increasing Student Achievement. Full STEAM Ahead. Skate in School. Augmenting Map Skills. Music & Technology. Digital Microscopes. Guitars. Rivers & Revolutions Fieldwork. Lightning Detection System. CCHS Media Wall. Under 20 & Driving Program. Linear Algebra and Kaleidocycles. SixSmith Mold Making.


Thoreau Bots. SAM Animation. Spark Learning System. Mars Rover. Music and the Environment. ActivBoards. Rivers & Revolutions Fieldwork. Green Entrepreneurs. Advanced Topics in Earth. Science iPads.


School Garden. Advisory Program. Environmental Field Studies Group. Moodle, Part 2. Pathways to China. Patriot News.


21st Century/BLC Conference. Writing Skill Readiness. Integrating Digital Photography & Art. Walk a Mile in Your Shoes. Classroom Math Enrichment Centers. Intergenerational Literary Lunch. Ecuador Touchstone. Moodle Web Development. Poetry of Sculpture. Focus on Your Footprint. Sophomore Writing Enrichment. Global Literacy Program. Document Cameras/Activboards. Advanced Multimedia Production.


Reluctant Readers Library. Curiosity Carts. Kurzweil 3000 Software Program. Photo Essays. CMS Percussion Instruments. World Language Technology. Fitness Center Renovations. Library Makeover. Network Program Enhancements. Patriot Productions Centralized TV/Video.


Teen Buddy Program. Expanded Theatre Curriculum. Senior Project Discretionary Fund. Ghana History & Culture Tour. Fitness Center Cardio. Earthwatch Icelandic Glacier Expedition. STEM Tools. Wet Plate Collodion Photography. UV Visible Spectrometer. Heartsaver Training. ActivClassrooms . ActiVote & ActivBoard Attachments. ActiVotes. Assabet River Trail.


Creating and Adapting Science Curriculum. Podcasting Science Lessons. Foreign Language. Activeboards. Applied Technology Part B. Interactive CMS Classrooms. Using Outstanding. Musical Equipment. Teachers College at Alcott. Teachers College at Thoreau. Teachers College at Willard.


Data Loggers. Interactive Learning Project. Making Meaning Extension. S.O.S. Program Supervisor. Multicultural Art Education. Music Library for Video Production. Deepening the CMS Art Experience. Integrating Technology into Teaching. CMS At-Risk Program Acceleration. Making Classroom Technology Interactive. Canoe Project. Sun King Attire. Professional Development. Future of Science Instruction At CCHS. Auditorium Equipment.

Concord Education Fund Grants

Grants from the Concord Education Fund have enriched student education at Concord Public Schools and Concord Carlisle High School in every area and at every grade level.