Assabet River Trail

An accessible, environmentally friendly, 530-foot trail leads from Thoreau School to the bank of the Assabet River.

The Assabet River Walk allows Thoreau students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade to explore the natural world in a wide area that serves as an outdoor classroom.

In one of his journals, Nathaniel Hawthorne recalled, “…rowing our boat against the current, between wide meadows, we turn aside to the Assabet. A more lovely stream than this…has never flowed on earth.” Giving Thoreau School science students an intimate experience with this river has provided for hands-on laboratory work, fostered an appreciation for our environment, and created a link to Concord’s rich literary and naturalist history.




Elementary Science and Mindfulness


Students K-5 at Thoreau School


Susan Erickson, Thoreau Teacher