A Two-week pursuit of knowledge and experiences outside the classroom

Q5 is the re-envisioned last two weeks of the CCHS school year – a ‘5th Quarter’ directly following the completion of final exams – when students have the opportunity to select from 75 new electives that leverage the curiosity, knowledge, and passions of CCHS faculty.

Q5 courses allow students and teachers to experience learning beyond the classroom walls: board games, beekeeping, poetry, space, satire, street law, tie dye, nutrition, improv, sewing, creative writing, coding, mythology, paddleboard, pinhole photography, flight, and lots more.

Q5 encourages learning for learning’s sake, promotes non-traditional academic exploration, and fosters an open and connected school/community. Teachers look forward to sharing their various passions with students as well as learning from their colleagues. And teachers and students alike look forward to sharing interests and building new, different relationships in a less stressful, more engaging learning environment.

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June 18




CCHS Grades 9-11


Mike Mastrullo, CCHS Principal and the entire CCHS community