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World language students are enchanted by singer-performance artist Brice Kapel’s music, lyrics, and heartwarming life story

International singer, songwriter and charismatic performance artist Brice Kapel stimulated student interest in French language and francophone culture during a two-day visit that culminated in an electric performance before hundreds of enthusiastic new fans.

CEF Funding for the performance also included classroom time with Brice to reinforce and expand French lessons in vocabulary, grammar, geography, history and social issues. Brice shared stories, taught sign language, and intently interacted with every student he met. His messages were wise, heartwarming and funny, his songs irresistible. Helping students to invest in Brice’s music as well as his life stories in Togo and France set the stage for lasting connections with other cultures and curiosity about other francophone citizens of the world.


April 2017


CCHS World Language Students


World Language Students and Attendees


Florence Roussel, Rhonda Penaud and Caitlin Smith, CCHS French Teachers