Poetry Workshop & Symposium

A powerful, poetic exploration of race, loss, beauty and art

Students in the new interdisciplinary class Twice-Told Tales participated in a workshop lead by poet, editor, essayist, translator and professor Martín Espada that culminated a poetry reading by Professor Espada for a packed audience of CCHS students, teachers and parents. The poet’s powerful reading – which touched upon issues of race, loss, beauty, and art – gave the CCHS community a powerful, thought-provoking experience.

Twice-Told Tales read Zapata’s Disciple (1998) and Martín Espada’s most recent collection of poems Vivas to Those Who Have Failed (2016). Under the guidance of the esteemed poet, students produced and performed powerful work about the history and ancestry of their names. About the experience, a student wrote, “the name poem made me realize new things about how my name connects to my life in ways that I never thought about before.”


December 2016


Twice Told Tales Students & CCHS Community


Engaged Students


Alex Spence, English Teacher and Eric Rivera, Social Studies Teacher