Raising Marbled Salamanders

Exploring the diversity of life by raising & releasing threatened marbled salamanders

As part of a new Diversity of Life course that explores organisms in the various kingdoms of life, CCHS students raised threatened marbled salamanders — Ambystoma opacum – then released them into Middlesex Fells, a natural habitat where the salamanders were once abundant.

A local ecological team from Zoo New England’s Grassroots Wildlife Conservation provided students with instruction on how to care for the larval stage and then the adult salamanders. Students also learned about the habitat destruction that has threatened marbled salamanders in an area where they previously flourished.

Above all, students get to observe the unique life cycle of the salamanders which is a valuable and memorable learning experience.


Spring 2018 & 2019




CCHS Science Students


Kathleen Rusilas, CCHS Biology Teacher