STEM Weather Balloon

CC Weather Club and Meteorology Class launch a STEM Weather Balloon into the stratosphere!

In December 2016, members of the CC Weather Club and Meteorology Class launched a STEM Weather Balloon from Bennington VT into the stratosphere.

Instruments attached to the balloon recorded and communicated temperature, pressure, humidity, and altitude in real-time and performed experiments designed by students. A high resolution camera recorded HD video of the entire trip while GPS tracking systems helped map and locate instruments all the way up, up and away — above 99% of the atmosphere — 100,000 feet above earth — higher than every cloud, the bright blue sky and all weather.

Software and onboard technology provided by Stratostar (and the Concord Ed Fund!) allowed anyone with the URL to observe the launch and flight data from start to finish — much of it as it was happening. The launch was just the first of what will be an annual CC Weather Club event proving that the sky’s not even the limit of what CC teachers and students can achieve.


December 2016


High School STEM


CCHS Weather Club, Meteorology Class, and all CC Weather Enthusiasts


Theresa Ruggiero, CCHS Earth Science Teacher