Support for Rivers & Revolution

Transportation, admission fees, and speaker stipends support fieldwork in the CCHS Rivers & Revolutions course.

The CCHS course entitled Rivers & Revolutions is a full immersion experience for students through an interdisciplinary, experiential school-within-a-school program. With CEF funding, the program operates on a 1:1 classroom to field ratio whereby the field portion includes attendance at plays, performances, panel discussions, museums, libraries, natural areas, National and State Parks, Conservation Lands, and other sites of salience. The diverse group of 100+ students that participate in the Rivers & Revolution program gain a clearer understanding of their unique learning styles, how academic disciplines inter-relate, how group work dynamics can accomplish a collective goal, and how their actions impact others and shape the world in which they live.




High School Rivers & Revolutions


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Michael Goodwin, Rivers & Revolutions Program Creator