System-Wide Mindfulness Initiative

Making mindfulness part of the social-emotional strand of K-12 curriculum and culture

In response to the growing body of research that illustrates the positive impact of Mindfulness in school settings, the Concord Public Schools and Concord Carlisle Regional School Districts established a Mindfulness Strategic Planning Committee to develop a shared vision and plan for Mindfulness in the CPS/CCHS community to better address the social, emotional, and academic needs of students.

Building upon prior mindfulness work in the district, the CEF grant makes possible the incorporation of mindfulness materials and practices into the curriculum at every grade level, extends professional development to middle school teachers, and supports the establishment of mindfulness celebrations that are unique and significant to each school.

A well-funded, district-level initiative helps to ensure that mindfulness practices are thoroughly interwoven into the fabric of the CPS/CCHS academic community, fostering kindness, respect, and compassion individually and collectively to maximize the impact of our collective teaching, learning and social experiences.






All CPS/CCHS Students


Dr. Laurie Hunter, CPS/CCHS Superintendent