Teen Buddy Mentoring

Popular initiative creates positive mentoring relationships between CCHS teens and CPS elementary students.

The Teen Buddy Mentoring Program provides opportunities for older students to mentor younger students in a structured, after-school program format. Program activities such as print-making at the Museum of Fine Arts and drumming with members of the CCHS drumline are designed to promote and facilitate interaction among children and teens, providing enrichment in the areas of teambuilding, cooperation, physical movement, and cultural awareness. The program has received consistent, positive feedback from participants and their parents. It also receives positive feedback from the Elementary School Mental Health teams’ Behavior Specialists, School Psychologists and School Social Workers and from the counselors at CCHS.




Elementary and High School Socialization


CCHS Students & Students at Alcott, Willard and Thoreau


Julie Vitello, Willard School Counselor